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Welcome to Messy Kids!

An outside Spring & Summer club for parents, babies & toddlers.

(Sessions will resume from

Febuary 28th 2022 - October 2022 )

Passionate about babies and toddlers learning through experiences and hands-on activities. Messy play is one of the best ways to do this.

There is no right way to messy play, It leaves the children in control of the outcome and they have the freedom to explore and experiment. This can boost their self-confidence and also encourage them to find new ways to do things by using their imagination and creativity.

"Piaget believed children to be little scientists, who were driven to perform everyday “experiments” that would reveal the nature of their world." The Power of Play – A Research Summary on Play and Learning. Dr. Rachel E. White for Minnesota Children's Museum.



Who We Are

Hi there,

My name is Juliet, mother to a nine-month-old girl. I've recently moved down to Tunbridge Wells after living in London for the past 10 years. I was brought up in East Sussex so I'm very familiar with the Kent and Sussex area and all its gorgeous landscapes!

I've been working with children for over 10 years in nurseries, private home settings and have under gone early years training. I have an extensive passion for creative/messy play in which I've seen countless children flourish. Getting hands on and mucky is one way to fuel a child's imagination it allows them to be free with their playing & exploration strategies.

Since moving to the area I was keen to sign my baby up to classes and local groups. I know how important these sessions can be for a little ones development as well as a ton of fun. Not only that but it's a great way to meet other local parents. I was sad to see there was very little going when it came to messy play groups which inspired me to setup Messy Kids!

Creating a sensory filled setting in which babies and toddlers can play and learn through hands on & interactive messy play, igniting a sense of curiosity which has no limits and naturally builds confidence. Each week I will create a unique messy play hub for little ones to explore - it could be the jungle setting one week to an alien world the next. 

Various stations will allow children to freely play, discover new textures, sights and skills all linked to our chosen theme for that week. Constantly keeping it entertaining to fill your little ones with excitement and joy through early learning play. Music and lots of fun activities can be expected at my sessions creating a unique experience for children to do what they do best at being hands on, messy and playing till theirs hearts content.


Outdoors Messy Play Sessions

  • Classes are 45mins long, in which your child will have a set of various Messy Play activities to explore & investigate. 

  • Each week we will create a unique sensory filled hub with set design being well thought out for your little ones to step into.

  • Activities are specially created and inspired by different themes we cover. We could be on a Farm one week playing with farm yard findings from edible mud to wiggly spaghetti worms to a Jungle themed Messy Play setting the next.

  • Our classes do not solely focus on producing an end product, but gives the children an opportunity to learn that its ok to be Messy whilst building, imagining, investigating & exploring their senses.

  • The best part of our classes is you don’t have to do this in your home, we will clean up the Mess!

  • All of our products are homemade, non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

  • All staff members are fully qualified, DBS checked & insured.

Monday's & Tuesday's Mornings

10:00 -11:00

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Sensory Based Messy Play

We currently have sessions available !

A unique outdoors Early Years setting

Dunorland Park, Tunbridge Wells TN2 3QN


To stay upto date with our Messy Play group and follow our charity support work. You can follow us online via Facebook.


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