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Hi there,

My name is Juliet mother too one little six-month-old girl. I've recently moved down to Tunbridge Wells after living in London for the past 10 years plus. Originally, I was brought up in East Sussex so I'm very familiar with the Kent and Sussex area and all its gorgeous landscapes!

I've been working with children for over 10 years in nursery and privet home settings, I have a massive passion for creative/messy play in which I've seen children really flourish in these activities. Getting hands on and mucky is one way to fuel a child's imagination and really let them be free with their playing & exploration strategies.

Since moving to the area I was keen to sign my baby up to classes and local groups that would encourage sensory and messy play activities I was sad to see there was very little going when it came to messy play groups which inspired me to setup Messy kids !

Creating a sensory filled setting in which babies and toddlers can play and learn through hands on straight up interactive messy play, igniting a sense of curiosity which has no limits for each child and naturally build confidence. Each week I will create a unique messy play hub for little ones to explore - it could be the jungle setting one week with various stations in which a child can freely play discover new textures, sights and skills all linked to our chosen theme for that week. Constantly keeping it entertaining to fill your little ones with excitement and joy through early learning play, music and lots of fun activities can be expected at my sessions creating a setting for children to do what they do best at being hands on, messy and playing till theirs hearts content. Bringing an inspiring setting full of creative themes and sights for your little one to relish in and enjoy Messy Play :-)